Beginners Trading Setup

(Takes 25-30 minutes to get setup)

If you’ve read the beginner's guide to learning forex then you’re ready to start trading. With the knowledge you’ve acquired, you should be in a position to start creating small trades and working up your account.

Here is my recommended quick start guide to get you going.

1. Get a trusted Forex Broker

Oanda FX Broker

You need to use a reputable Forex Broker to ensure your funds are safe when you trade. I recommend using Oanda and use them to power the JKonFX Trade Journal, trade finder dashboards and the new trade copying system I’m creating. They’re good.

It takes Oanda about half a day to verify your details, so sign up for a Live Oanda account early so it’s ready for trading when you are. They also give you a free account for testing trade ideas.

2. Free JKonFX account


You can sign up for a free JKonFX account if you don’t have one already. We provide free PRO accounts to students.

You will gain access to my technical analysis and fundamental analysis on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This will help you understand how I think when making trades. You can always email for trading questions too.

3. Join

Reddit Forex Group

Reddit is a free online community where you can find people who are passionate about many different topics. The one you should sign up for is You can ask trading questions to get different perspectives on trades.

4. Listen to Chat With Traders

Chat With Traders

Aaron Fifield started interviewing traders after he decided he wanted to become a trader. Since then, he’s interviewed over 100 successful traders that you can listen to for free.

Joel was the 15th trader and first Forex trader he interviewed. You can listen to Joel’s interview with Aaron and it’s been transcribed here.

Join his podcast and you’ll get one new interview per week. Be aware that they are generally about 60 minutes long.