Updated: 25th July 2017

This roadmap highlights the features & improvements planned for JKonFX. Priorities can change as we face new challenges.

At JKonFX we are committed to executing iterative and rapid improvements based on our vision of JKonFX and feedback from our users and customers. Don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas and feedback.

Projects currently in progress:

  • Add pip calculation to base currencies
  • Add Beginners guide to Forex with videos
  • Add Trade Copying membership option

Coming next:

  • Add new dashboards
    • Round numbers
    • Commentary algorithm (Joel's proprietary)
  • Price action alerts with PushOver integration
  • Indicator alerts with PushOver integration
  • Dashboard feed alert stream with PushOver integration
  • Upgrade Trade Journal to Oanda V20 account (our recommended Forex Broker)

 Completed projects & improvements:

Q3 2017

  • Change performance report to align with 21:00 UTC instead of 00:00 UTC

Q2 2017

  • Improved dashboard price market stability
  • Improved email delivery speed for Trade Journal email notifications
  • Moved to dedicated email IP address
  • Various bug fixes

Q1 2017

  • Add PushOver alert test messages
  • Redesign user interface to be more intuitive

Q4 2016

  • Open beta invites to Copy
  • User interface updates
  • Add currency pair pages for easy analysis
  • Start writing fundamental reports on Bitcoin
  • Add better referral reporting

Q3 2016

  • Allow members to refer others and receive free months
  • Add PushOver notifications for iOS, Andriod and Desktop notifications
  • Allow Paypal & Bitcoin payments for PRO Yearly memberships
  • Allow membership cancellation via SMS

Q2 2016

  • Add PRO Researcher option for members who don't want Trade Journal notifications
  • Improve dashboard refresh rates from 60 seconds, down to 5 seconds
  • Improve Trade Journal statistics page
  • Improve sign up process
  • Website performance enhancements
  • Remove users from system who mark us as SPAM

Q1 2016

  • Add RSS notifications for Trades, Bank Reports and Forex News
  • Add feedback forms on all pages for easy communication
  • Add localized time for users
  • Add beta group for users who wish to try new functionality early