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Twitter is a great way of finding news fast. Traders and news reporting desks often post useful information out to help analyze markets. The news isn’t real-time but can often be used for a medium/long term strategy.



Why follow? Just about as real time as you are going to get for breaking forex news, headlines and economic releases.

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Why follow? Market savvy. Very witty. Frequent updates. Forward thinking.

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Why follow? Veteran currency strategist. Good macro insight. High level technical analysis.

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Why follow? Tapped into markets. Good updates and views. Good resource.

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Why follow? Witty, insightful market observations and updates.

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Why follow? Fixed income PM, former equity analyst, fantastic macro observations.

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Why follow? Buy-side FX fund with seasoned traders and good insights.

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Why follow? Frequent updates of FX news and views on the stuff that makes market move.

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Why follow? Don’t forget to follow me! I post my daily forex news analysis along with other tweets that I find interesting and relevant.

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