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Euro Outlook Dissected

We continue with our focus on the Euro, diving deeper into the outlook analys...


Keep Tracking the Euro's Moves

Everything in FX comes down to the next big move in the Euro.

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Position Overview

Here's a quick update of the current exposure.


The Euro Will Set the Tone

The primary focus right now is on the Euro and the next big move, which we be...


Can we get some direction here?

FX markets have been a big chopfest these past several months and we're waiti...


Euro Back Above 1.1300 Will Encourage Outlook

We're back into the long side of the Euro and will be looking for the market ...


Considering Bitcoin

Here's a look at a currency that is slowly working its way into mainstream ad...


Looking for the Euro to Hold Up

The Euro hasn't been excited about trading higher in recent months, but at th...


Important Week on the Charts

It's going to be an important week in the FX market, as the Euro trades back ...


Euro Outlook Q2-Q4

We're into the end of Q1 2019 and I take a look at where we're at and where I...