Forex Technical Analysis

Will USDJPY Drop Again?

More activity on the charts this week and there's lots to look at, including the outlook for USDJPY.


The Latest Movement on the Charts

Markets are starting to move and here's where it looks like things are going.

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What the Charts Are Telling Us

A look at the current trades on the charts and a closer look at these major m...


What's Next for EURUSD

Here's an end of week technical overview of the Euro and a lot more.


Across All Time Frames

This latest position taken is in a market that is screaming out for a playabl...

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What's Left in the Tank

Here's a look at these major markets and an overview of our positions.


Happy to Take Another Shot

The Pound keeps running and I'm still not buying it. In fact, I'll be happy t...

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AUDNZD Getting Ready to Turn Back Up

Here's an update of the latest positions and some of the other major markets.


Friday Review

Some important markets and a review of current positions.


Big Markets Away from FX

Featuring two major markets that will have a big impact on FX when they start...

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Use Technical Analysis to Trade Price Action

Being able to read and interpret candle stick charting will help you find opening prices, position limit orders and set stop losses.

Using multiple indicators helps to enforce key levels of support or resistance. Technical indicators are like tools of the trade - make sure you use the right ones at the right time and you are more likely to profit.

Learn how to blend technical analysis with fundamental analysis to strengthen the reasoning and reduce risk of your trades.