Forex Technical Analysis

Important Moment and Key Levels

We're coming into a big moment for financial markets and we're betting that moment leads to some major trend reversals.


US Dollar Rally Hasn't Changed the Picture

Another surge in the Buck at the end of last week, but key levels are still i...


Insights from Aussie and Kiwi

Looking at the commodity currencies today and reflecting on the price action ...


The Story with Gold

Taking a deeper dive into the GOLD market and what's been going on here over ...


Quality over Quantity

Market conditions have been challenging and have certainly slowed down the pa...


Look at these moving averages!

Not accustomed to looking at weekly moving averages, but I stumbled upon some...


What's on the Radar

Here's a look at the current positions and what could be looking good soon.


Heading for Strong Weekly Close

Things are looking very encouraging for our portfolio as the markets get set ...


Looking for Comfort in Weekly

Here's a look at where our positions stand into the latter half of the week.


Key Levels for GBPUSD

Breaking down the shorter term levels to watch in GBPUSD.


Use Technical Analysis to Trade Price Action

Being able to read and interpret candle stick charting will help you find opening prices, position limit orders and set stop losses.

Using multiple indicators helps to enforce key levels of support or resistance. Technical indicators are like tools of the trade - make sure you use the right ones at the right time and you are more likely to profit.

Learn how to blend technical analysis with fundamental analysis to strengthen the reasoning and reduce risk of your trades.