Forex Technical Analysis

A Stubborn One

All signs are pointing to a lower USDJPY rate, despite the major pair's reluctance to to turn south.


Great Expectations

We've seen some more follow through as the Pound does a great job making it's...


Making the Case for Current Exposure

Here are some insights into price action in markets that are behind the ratio...


US Back from Holiday Weekend

The US market returns after a long holiday weekend and we'll be looking for m...


FX Positions Pointing in the Right Direction

Portfolio is waiting for follow through. The Friday closes set up an encourag...


Back to the Bigger Picture

A beautiful reversal on the daily chart was too perfect this week and we're b...


The Cushion for Trades

Here's a little bit about that out of the money zone and the psychology behin...


Breaking Down the Pound

Monday's session was quite dull. I take the time in today's update to highlig...


Reviewing Our Three Positions

Here's a look at our current exposure into the new week.


Encouraging Price Action into Weekly Close

Despite some movement against the newly established positions, there has been...


Use Technical Analysis to Trade Price Action

Being able to read and interpret candle stick charting will help you find opening prices, position limit orders and set stop losses.

Using multiple indicators helps to enforce key levels of support or resistance. Technical indicators are like tools of the trade - make sure you use the right ones at the right time and you are more likely to profit.

Learn how to blend technical analysis with fundamental analysis to strengthen the reasoning and reduce risk of your trades.