Forex Technical Analysis

Another Step Back with the Euro

Here's another look at why we're at such an important point with EURUSD.


Disappointing Follow Through

Our latest Aussie short was looking super sweet early Thursday, before the ma...


Crunch Time for US Dollar

So much US Dollar selling over the past several days and that reversal is scr...

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A New Arrival and an Old Friend

Here's a closer look at these latest positions. Both with tremendous upside p...


Charts Warning of Reversal Ahead

When you look at a lot of the major FX markets, there has been a clear trend ...

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Buck in Bad Shape But....

The technicals are not looking great if you're a US Dollar bull. At the same ...


Euro Weakness Not What You Think

The Euro has pulled back from this week's 2017 high but it's no time to be se...


Breaking Down a Wacky Canadian Dollar Trade

This latest USDCAD collapse is another bump for my trading, though the price ...

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Looking for Lots of Reversals

Things are heating up into the mid-week and we're going to find out if many e...


Markets Extended on the Daily Charts

Here's an overview of all the markets technically extended on the daily chart...

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Use Technical Analysis to Trade Price Action

Being able to read and interpret candle stick charting will help you find opening prices, position limit orders and set stop losses.

Using multiple indicators helps to enforce key levels of support or resistance. Technical indicators are like tools of the trade - make sure you use the right ones at the right time and you are more likely to profit.

Learn how to blend technical analysis with fundamental analysis to strengthen the reasoning and reduce risk of your trades.