Forex Technical Analysis

Charts Show Big Lag in Commodity FX

We have been seeing a breakaway in FX, where the major currencies are performing a lot better, led by the Euro.

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Euro Trying to Reassert

Tuesday's move in the Euro was a bit of a statement move. Here's why...


What Must Happen

Here's a look at the charts we think are interesting and important right now.

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What I'm Watching Right Now

Here's an overview of the markets I've got my eye on into the new week.


The Way Things Move

Big things happen in markets, but they don't happen every day. As obvious as ...


All about the Big Player Charts

The way things have been moving, it's important to be watching those major cu...

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Anticipating the Next Big One

I keeping looking for decent USDJPY short exposure. Let's see if we can get i...


Insights from EURGBP

EURGBP has been a decent mover in the early week and the chart is giving us a...

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Big Picture Technicals

A lot of the positions right now are bigger picture in nature. There could be...


Reviewing our Trading of the Pound

First we were short GBP and now we're long. What's the idea?


Use Technical Analysis to Trade Price Action

Being able to read and interpret candle stick charting will help you find opening prices, position limit orders and set stop losses.

Using multiple indicators helps to enforce key levels of support or resistance. Technical indicators are like tools of the trade - make sure you use the right ones at the right time and you are more likely to profit.

Learn how to blend technical analysis with fundamental analysis to strengthen the reasoning and reduce risk of your trades.