Forex Fundamental Analysis

Beyond Counterintuitive

Here are some thoughts on the state of markets over the past several months.


The Long and Short of it

Here is an overview of my two latest positions.


The Big Question in FX

There has been a big question in FX with respect to the influence of the US a...


Between the Lines Trading

The market is digesting the latest Fed decision and while it does so, I thoug...


Fed Decision and Impact

Today's Fed decision could be a big one for financial markets, especially whe...


Position and Strategy

I'm still focused on USDJPY and GBP and here's where I see things right now...


What Are You Thinking USDJPY?

To say the price action in USDJPY over the past several sessions has been odd...


What Did I Miss?

It doesn't seem like I missed all that much on Wednesday. Here are some of my...


Markets and Me

Monday was a quiet day and this set up an opportunity to write about strategy...

Read & Watch

Are the Trends About to Change?

Most of the interesting developments have come from the price action and what...