Forex Fundamental Analysis

Time to Start Shooting Again

I've been waiting and waiting and it looks like the time has finally come to jump back in.



We keep getting signs of reversal that end up proving to be nothing more than...


Trading and Basketball

One of the most important valued adds of this service I offer, is that you ar...

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Why the US Dollar is on Fire

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A Different Kind of Dollar Demand

It would be easy to assign the latest surge in the US Dollar to the same driv...

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Locked and Loaded

The US Dollar has been making some big moves over the past few sessions, but ...


Lots of Tension but No Answers

The FX market has changed quite a bit over the past several months and there ...


The One That Got Away

The Pound has extended declines and shows no signs of any reversal. So has th...


The Anatomy of Trading

Here's a little bit of trading psychology to start the week.


Trading, Discipline, Philosophy and Life

We were taken back to the limits on the Cable trade and I wanted to take the ...


Use Fundamental Analysis to Understand Price Action

Reading and understanding the fundamentals of the domestic and global economy will help you become a better FX trader. Each country has it's own geo-political risk and economic events. Knowing the important news and events of each country will help you to understand the overall price action of a currency.

Always make sure you know the forex market hours to see when holidays occur. Countries often have public holidays at different times of the year. Want to see more? You can view all of Joel's forex news reports.