Forex Fundamental Analysis

When the Facts Change

If you have a stop-loss in place, you should still be checking in on your position to see how things are playing out.


Where Did That Come From?

The Buck has just rocketed higher and there haven't really been any specific ...

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These Trades and This Major Pair

Here's an overview of the positions and look at what's going on with EURUSD.


Positions, Analysis, Strategy

Here's a quick overview as we head into the weekend.


1.2000 Then and 1.2000 Now

It's been a long while since we last traded the EURCHF rate and yet here we a...

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Too Far, Too Fast

There's no denying the strength of the Pound into this second quarter of 2018...


Fleeting Illusions

A little bit about trading, managing your expectations and the way things sho...

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What the Euro is Telling Us in 2018

Here's a little bit more about price action this year and what messages we're...


The Thing About Indicators

Here's a quick insight for this Friday....but it's an important one.


Just the Facts

If it looks like a fire and smells like a fire, it's probably a fire.

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Use Fundamental Analysis to Understand Price Action

Reading and understanding the fundamentals of the domestic and global economy will help you become a better FX trader. Each country has it's own geo-political risk and economic events. Knowing the important news and events of each country will help you to understand the overall price action of a currency.

Always make sure you know the forex market hours to see when holidays occur. Countries often have public holidays at different times of the year. Want to see more? You can view all of Joel's forex news reports.