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Forex Fundamental Analysis

The Stingers

It's so important to make sure you are ONLY taking positions you are behind 100%. The biggest reason for this is that it's hard enough to stomach a loss when


The Cycle of Things

Here's another reason why I see room for the Euro and Pound to push back up a...

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What Ya Gonna Do About It?

We head into this week with the currency market stumbling after a shocking mo...


The BIG Change

There are things going on in markets right now that should make for some very...


Post Fed Reflections and Strategy

Here are some quick thoughts in the aftermath of this latest Fed decision.

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About the Fed Decision

Here are some thoughts on today's big event risk.


Taking the Bumps and Staying the Course

Taking a position is not only about finding the best entry and having a defin...

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Massive Headwinds for the US Dollar

Currency traders have been forced to consider additional complexities when co...


About You and 4 Big Risks

Here's a little something psychology driven and a little something about what...


The Anatomy of the Yen

The Yen is probably the most misunderstood currency out there. Here are some ...

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Use Fundamental Analysis to Understand Price Action

Reading and understanding the fundamentals of the domestic and global economy will help you become a better FX trader. Each country has it's own geo-political risk and economic events. Knowing the important news and events of each country will help you to understand the overall price action of a currency.

Always make sure you know the forex market hours to see when holidays occur. Countries often have public holidays at different times of the year. Want to see more? You can view all of Joel's forex news reports.