Forex Fundamental Analysis

Computers and Policy Makers

Markets will always do what they do, but within that very broad definition, there are times when things will look different and rattle your feathers.


Another Jump, Another Shot

Aussie employment data was out early Thursday and the reaction gave us this n...

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Adversity Defines Success

The trades keep coming and I keep swinging. Here's a closer look at what's go...


So Much More Than Lines on A Chart

There is a tremendous misconception about technical analysis and its value in...

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Bringing It All Together

Lots went on this past Friday and we could be in for another busy one this we...


When the Facts Change

A lot has happened this past week, with the Fed Chair possible setting the wh...


OTMA and the Psychology of Trading

You won't be familiar with the word OTMA, because it's an acronym that I've o...

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Even if the Bank of Canada Hikes....

We're coming off a wild Tuesday session and heading into what could be a much...


More Interesting in Cross Land Right Now

Today's focus is less about the major currencies and more about some crosses ...

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The Difference Between 'Competitive' and 'Competing'

I spend a lot of time on the psychology of trading and would like to get into...


Use Fundamental Analysis to Understand Price Action

Reading and understanding the fundamentals of the domestic and global economy will help you become a better FX trader. Each country has it's own geo-political risk and economic events. Knowing the important news and events of each country will help you to understand the overall price action of a currency.

Always make sure you know the forex market hours to see when holidays occur. Countries often have public holidays at different times of the year. Want to see more? You can view all of Joel's forex news reports.