Forex Fundamental Analysis

Weekend Hangover Fallout

Monday could be an interesting day, in light of the weekend drama in the US.


About My Strategy

Here's a little overview of the bigger picture ideas behind my strategy and a...


More Consideration Needed

A closer look at some of the things the market could be neglecting in 2018.


A Less Uniform US Dollar Outlook

I try to explain how I see things playing out, why this time is a little diff...


Excessive Pride and Overconfidence

There's been a lot of one way price action in risk assets over the past sever...

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Buck Falls off the Next Ledge

After consolidating for many months, the Dollar has come back under another r...


The Friday Tangent

I'm a little all over the place today but there's a method to the madness......


It's About How You Think

Here are two important lessons I've learned over the course of my trading car...

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This Time Round

This time round hasn't come yet...but when it does, this time round definitel...


Crypto Capitulation Catalyst

Although the economic calendar is quiet this week, it all feels like things c...

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Use Fundamental Analysis to Understand Price Action

Reading and understanding the fundamentals of the domestic and global economy will help you become a better FX trader. Each country has it's own geo-political risk and economic events. Knowing the important news and events of each country will help you to understand the overall price action of a currency.

Always make sure you know the forex market hours to see when holidays occur. Countries often have public holidays at different times of the year. Want to see more? You can view all of Joel's forex news reports.