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REFLECTION - As many of you know, 2017 wasn't a great year for my book. It was the first down year I had since inception of the JKonFX portfolio. A lot of that had to do with the exposure to US equities and thankfully, it was the bread and butter FX trading that had us closing the year with in the end, a very manageable 1.57% loss. Most of that setback had come over the past 12 months and I bring all of this up because it has been a year since it all started and that's a good amount of time to be able to look back and reflect. It's also a good time to look back because things have picked back up on the whole in 2018. There have been some more bumps, but the book is profitable and we've just come out of a solid month of May. As I reflect, I wouldn't trade the darkest periods of 2017 away, as that darkness always needs to be taken in context and because challenges and setbacks are a beautiful part of life that give us the opportunity to really feel what it's like to appreciate things. I'm better for it and will continue to push through, always loving the work and always looking for true gift of trading that most don't recognize.

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THE GIFT - So what's the gift? The gift is that trading allows us to learn about ourselves in ways we never thought we could. The market won't take it easy on you like your colleague or employer. The market will rip you up and tear you apart without second thought. If you don't respect its force and intensity, you will get run over. But if you can manage to avoid getting sucked into the 'get rich' quick reason most do, and you decide you want to make it work over time, you will learn so much about yourself and so much about dealing with adversity and appreciating that not everything in life is even close to in your control. I suppose the best way to think about trading is to think of it as an education that just might even pay you well, if you stick with it. Get away from thinking about leveraging about whatever it is that you have to trade with and instead, trade with better risk management so you can leverage up the quality of your life.

Trading can give you the gift of learning how to leverage the quality of your life.

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