Looking Deeper Within

WAY BACK - Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. I was off with the family and had a wonderful time catching up with everyone. In a bit of a departure from the norm, I thought I'd go over something that has been on my mind of late, that hopefully will resonate with some of you out there and at least perhaps be appreciated by everyone else. I had some time to sit up late with my brother and talk about life. As a boy, I had no knowledge of the fact that many of the exhausting battles I was forced to contend with on a daily basis, were a direct offshoot of my ADHD. And while I would always find a way of pushing through, it would always come with the heavy price of doubting my abilities and not believing in myself, because the alternative ways I discovered to make it happen, were not really all that "acceptable." I say all of this because I think there are many out there who struggle with this feeling that can be very damaging if it takes hold in the world of trading. One of the common characteristics of someone with ADHD is a willingness to take risk. Wanting to take risk can be a great quality to have, but if this is not understood and fully appreciated, it can also be very dangerous.

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HARNESS IT - So many out there who come to trade, don't even understand they are doing so because they may have a form of ADHD, which leaves these individuals at risk of running into adversity and falling a part when they start getting that feeling of self doubt, which leads to a destructive behavior. Maybe many of these people end up believing they don't deserve to trade, and as a result, punish themselves with poor decision making. And so the point is this - If it's more understood that this type of willingness to take risk is highly commendable, only it needs to be harnessed so as to not allow for the self doubt to creep in, I believe this will be a tremendous difference maker in helping to push the process forward in a healthy way. When I break it down and think back, I think about all those times I didn't want to ask any questions because I was ashamed of the fact that I didn't get it and everyone else did. But over time, as I learned more about myself, I was able to get passed this and not worry about the time it took for me to learn. The same goes for trading. Know that you might struggle and it may take longer to succeed, but that this is also very much ok. Once you understand this and see that you have certain qualities that can put you in harm's way, you will also put yourself in a much better position to protect yourself against these less desirable qualities that are a part of you - which should be an amazing thing for your growth.

Instead of running away from who you are, take time to understand what you're about.

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