Post Holiday Weekend Charts

Forex Daily Analysis 20th February 2018


  • AUDNZD and time to get back into the long
  • EURUSD and the tricky thing about what's going on
  • GBPUSD and that next lower top
  • USDJPY and scope for deeper drop
  • GOLD and that massive level that is the 2016 high

When GOLD finally breaks the 2016 high, it will be a big deal for global markets.

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Wild Ride on the Charts

Lots of wacky price action at the moment, but plenty of good things going on.


JKonFX Journal Performance 2016


+25.46% (2015) and +8.94% (2014)

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Playing Cable for Bigger Correction

A lot of talk about this trade and at long last, we're finally in and giving ...