The Market that Never Sleeps

POSITIVE SETBACKS - Markets are just opening up in a very light week between Christmas and New Year's and while we could see some opportunities out there, I'm not expecting much. I am however very much looking forward to pushing into 2018 and can't wait to hit the ground running. As I've highlighted many times this year, it has been a tough one, and not something I have gone through since the inception of JKonFX. But when I say tough, I say it with an appreciation for the way things are and I understand that this is a part of it and these are the experiences we need to fight through that will only make us appreciate the success that much more and will only make me feel that much more fulfilled as a trader. In many ways, I'm grateful for this year as you really never know what you're capable of until you battle through some adversity. I feel as strong and confident as ever and I am so excited for 2018. I think the big thing we can finally expect in 2018 that has alluded traders for so long is volatility. I think volatility will come back in a big way and that should make it all super fun.

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SECOND WAVE - As far as the market goes, there isn't much to say right now and I will keep it short and sweet here. Any market related thoughts that I did have over the holiday weekend were all about the world of cryptocurrencies, which never sleep. This has been an exciting space in 2017 and while I am looking for a spectacular blowup in all things blockchain and bitcoin into 2018, I'm reading up and listening in to as much as I can, with the goal of being as well positioned as possible whenever that second wave comes along. You see, we love looking at charts because we believe in patterns and the cycle of things. And as far as patterns and the cycle of things go, the type of movement and speculation we've seen in the crypto world has disaster written all over it. At the same time, once that chart comes crashing down, it will start to consolidate around some attractive levels, and I will be looking to take advantage. It might not be until out in 2019, but that's the plan. The technology is for real and I think the market has just gotten way too far ahead of itself. Oh ya...and remember, Google wasn't around until the second wave of the internet. So that's the plan right now. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and I will keep you posted if anything sets up. In the interim, start reading up on those cryptos.

Currency trading got a whole lot more exciting in 2017 with the crypto market rocketing to the moon.

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