Trading Under the Radar

GREAT MONTH - I know it's been quiet these past several days, but it's important to constantly remember that most of the time, it's about sitting back and just waiting. And even with all that said, we have realized profit of 4.55% in January!  If we did that every month this year, we would be back to matching the amazing performance of 2016, which was just shy of 60%. So again, as quiet as things have been, we had an amazing month. AUDNZD and the SPX500 position are open and will likely need some more weeks before getting going. But I suppose if there is one question I get a lot, it's why am I not trading more? Many of you will ask me why I didn't trade on a day where it looked like there was plenty of action? The simple answer is that while there indeed could be action on a given day, if it isn't my kind of action, I know to stay clear. 

A MISSION - It's obvious that throughout the entire week in FX, you can always trade the market. But the secret to trading is to trade as little as possible. Think of each trade as a mission. You have an objective and want to get in and out as quickly and safely as possible, while achieving that objective. The market can be chaotic and once you jump in. There are so many things that can happen that it's much better to find a strategy that works for you and stick to trading that strategy. This will keep you in control and disciplined if for nothing else, and those are two qualities that are absolutely essential to trade successfully. The market is always open for business and caters to many many different strategies. Each strategy has its own window and when that window opens, you need to jump in and seize the moment. Unfortunately, there are many out there that don't understand this or simply don't want to accept it, as they would rather be constantly trading and taking risk. But this is a recipe for disaster and you need to stay away from doing this. 

Each trade is a mission. There's an objective and want to get in and out as quickly and safely as possible. Via @joelkruger

EFFICIENT - I also think a lot of good trading comes down to knowing how to be efficient. I can remember back to my days playing basketball. There was a guy on my team who produced the most amazing stats on the basketball court. But at the end of each game, you would look at the stats sheet and not be able to understand how he was so effective. He was quiet and under the radar but deadly as a player and super efficient. He got the job done and didn't attract a lot of attention doing it. So if I can finish a month feeling like I didn't trade that much, but in the end, was able to produce a solid return, I know I'm doing something right. This is where the real exhilaration comes with trading. Most people think it's the exhilaration of taking risk and always having action on. It isn't. Exhilaration in trading is knowing you are doing it right. Knowing you are not getting sucked into market temptation and knowing that you dictate the terms. 

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