Good Trading and Good Fun

HODGEPODGE - Things were mostly quiet on Wednesday until later in the day when the Fed Chair hit the wires. Clearly the market felt Yellen was hawkish, with the US Dollar racing into the close. But we have now entered this hodgepodge where making any real calls with respect to which way things break next is beyond me. Looking at the charts, we really could break either way. But that's the beauty of trading. As a trader, it makes no difference to me whether the Dollar moves up or down. All I care about is that we're getting volatility. And in early 2017, we are definitely getting it. I have been having a lot of fun trading in January and I hope it continues. It feels like we could get a trade today, but we will just have to wait and see. Don't look know but maybe we even get a chance to jump back into GBPUSD. As far as open exposure goes, I'm only sitting on my out of the money short SPX trade. But even with this one I'm having fun. I even put this spoof movie trailer together yesterday on the absurd run we've seen in stocks.

GRATITUDE - And while we're on the topic of fun, I wanted to take some time to talk about what we're trying to do here at JKonFX. One of those things is doing what we love and having fun doing it. Of course, what makes things easy to have fun is if the hard work is paying off. And so a big priority is to make sure that we are working hard to constantly add value and make sure you all are happy so that we can have fun. Over the weekend, I had a lot of time to think about how far we've come at JKonFX and how grateful we are, not only for our growth, but more importantly, for the quality of client that we're attracting. You guys have been amazing and really get what it's all about. I love hearing from you and always enjoy our correspondences.  

GOALS - So with that said, I just wanted to highlight some of the major goals here at JKonFX so that you all really have a good understanding of what we're trying to achieve. So here goes....

JKonFX Goals:

- Find great trades

- Maintain a proper mindset

- Keep it simple and insightful

- Build valuable tools

- Share my experiences

- Connect with clients

- Have fun

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