Playing Hard to Get

FEELING THE ITCH - Are you also feeling bored and restless in 2017? I am definitely feeling it! What gives? We've just come off our greatest year ever and yet I feel on edge. I think a lot has to do with the fact that between Christmas and New Year's I was justified in not needing to look at the market. But now that we are back into what should be the full swing, I need to be looking at markets, and when I do, there isn't anything going on. As always, the market will come calling and when it does, we won't even remember we felt this way. But right now, I want to get that first trade under my belt and the market just isn't wanting to play. 

ALL THE DIFFERENCE - Now notice what I just said. "The market isn't wanting to play." That's the mentality that will keep you safe when things get like this. What mentality are you talking about Joel? I'm talking about the mentality that differentiates between those who know they shouldn't be trading if the market doesn't want to play and those who jump in because they are ready to play. If you have the mentality that you are ready to play, you will get crushed. Unfortunately, in the game we play, there is a predisposition built into an overwhelming majority of us to always want to play. And if you are always ready to play, perhaps counterintuitively, you are liable to have no fun at all. It's critical that the market comes calling to play. 

Successful trading is about knowing how to play hard to get. Via @joelkruger

WAIT FOR IT - As I've said many times, good trading is kind of like playing hard to get. If you sit back and wait and act like you don't need to be trading, the market gets jealous and opens itself up to being vulnerable, chasing after you and settling on giving you the upper hand with super compelling opportunities. But if you go after the market and let the market know it is the one in control, it will chew you up a thousand times and spit you out into a million pieces. The more you act like you don't want it, the more disciplined you become and the more you are able to avoid trading the crap, taking advantage of the real stuff. So maybe you also feel bored and restless right now. But mark my words, if the market isn't wanting to play, just sit back and ignore it until it does. It's as simple as that!

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