11 Signs Your Trading Days Are Numbered

Eleven Signs You Know You're in Trouble As A Trader

11. When you're drawing fib retracements on a 0.10% move

10. When you pray to the big guy that you'll be happy at cost 

9. When you try to will the market

8. When you're searching for the hashtag of the instrument you're trading

7. When you pretend you're on the other side so it's not that bad

6. When you take it out on your computer

5. When you don't want to make any sudden moves because you think it's starting to go your way

4. When you're lying in the corner of your room in the fetal position

3. When taking a break is looking away from the screen.....for a half a second

2. When you're in a long term position and you have the tick chart up


And the number 1 sign you know your trading days are numbered......


1. When you start telling yourself it's only a house

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