Dead Quiet

YAWN - I was off the desk on Monday but didn't miss much, with the day an absolute snoozefest. There really isn't anything to talk about as far as new developments go. I'm sure we will get a surge in volatility at some point in the near future but we're still waiting for it. It's possible the market is using the upcoming US election as an excuse to stay on the sidelines, but as I pointed out in Monday's technical update, the Euro's move lower could make a lot of waves if it takes out support in the 1.0900 area. A break below 1.0900 exposes 1.0500 and then parity! So let's see.

SAFE HAVENS - As far as strategy goes, my positioning continues to favor taking trades that will benefit in risk off environments. I remain short US equities and long GOLD on this view. I think EURAUD could be a very compelling buy on dips for the same reason and in general, I like the idea of buying the safe haven US Dollar on any form of a dip that results in extended intraday readings. A couple of the USD pairs to watch on Tuesday that could offer good US Dollar buying opportunities are NZDUSD and USDCAD. Look to sell NZDUSD into rallies and buy USDCAD dips if the trade sets up. 

Portfolio positioned for risk off price action. Via @joelkruger

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