Golf and Trading

  • A comparison between trading and golf
  • There will be times when you are off
  • Know how to respond when things aren't going well

A GOOD SWING - Trading is a bit like golfing. It's a lot of fun when things are going well, but can be devastatingly frustrating when they aren't. The trick to good golf is a good, consistent swing. If you can find that same swing time and again, you should put yourself in a great position to succeed on the course. The same can be said for trading. If you stay disciplined and consistent and don't deviate from your methodology, you will be putting yourself in a great position to be profitable. 

CLUB IT DOWN - The trouble is that it can be hard to keep that same swing running all the time. And the moment the swing isn't feeling the same, everything goes to sh%#t. As traders, there will be times when we lose our focus and take a misstep. It's very hard to continue with the same level of focus over an extended period of time. But it is absolutely imperative that when we find ourselves unable to trade the way we know we should be, to do what we would do out on the golf course in a similar situation. Out on that course we would club it down. 

REDUCE SIZE - If the driver ain't going for you, pull it back to an iron and make sure you are taking a little risk off in order to ensure that you are able to find your way back. If you feel like your trading isn't going well and you've lost that edge, reduce your position size and trade smaller until you feel ready to scale back up. One bad shot isn't going to ruin you, but if you keep clubbing away with that driver to try and get it back, you are destined to kill your game. Make sure you club down and not up. Make sure you aren't increasing your size but reducing it. 

If the trading isn't going well, reduce your position size. Via @joelkruger

SELF-MEDICATE - If you're able to find a way to mitigate risk when things aren't going right, you will find yourself back in the 'swing of things' much faster than if you don't. It isn't easy to honestly assess your own performance and self-medicate. But that's exactly what you need to do. Otherwise, the market will swallow you whole. So my message today is to try and keep that focus and maintain that consistent, steady swing. But also recognize there are going to be times when the swing just isn't there and know how to deal with it. Club it down!

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