Time For Some Reflections

A NEW YEAR! - So the Fed event risk has come and gone and where are we? Well, for now, I think we need to be on vacation! It's time to pack it in for the year. I'm not sure what opportunities will present from now through the second week in January, and I'm not sure it is the best time to be trading. My recommendation is to sit back and take the time to map out a new plan for 2015. If 2014 went well, think about how you can make 2015 even better. If 2014 was a financial loss, think about how you will turn 2015 into a profit. The best thing about the new year is that it is NEW! Fresh start and opportunity to build something special with a clean slate. So start thinking about the year ahead. Start planning ahead and start thinking about where you think the market may be headed over the coming months rather than coming days. Let this be a guide for your trading and let this also serve as the foundation for your trading over the next twelve months.

THE OUTLOOK - From my perspective, I will be looking for opportunities to be long the US Dollar. As much as the Buck has performed well this year, there is still plenty of room for additional upside as the Fed starts to raise rates...whenever that happens. I am holding my AUDNZD and Oil long, and will be curious to see how much longer this EURCHF trade will hover above 1.2000. I will also be looking to continue to build into an equity short. But with the US Dollar long trade and equity short, I will wait. When the US Dollar sells off for a good bit, I will then look to get long, and when equities rally, I will look to sell. No sooner. But if anything does present in the coming days, I will of course be sure to let you all know. The Trade Journal has performed well since inception in August, and I am looking forward to building on the track record in 2015.

Use the coming weeks as an opportunity to plan for the new year. Via @joelkruger

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