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Up Against It

Short US Dollar exposure has been punishing of late, with the market extending to areas with longer term implications.


The Stingers

It's so important to make sure you are ONLY taking positions you are behind 1...


What We Need to See Now

Plenty of movement in recent weeks that has benefited the US Dollar greatly, ...


The Cycle of Things

Here's another reason why I see room for the Euro and Pound to push back up a...

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What Happened to GOLD?

Intense drop in the price of GOLD on Friday but I'm not convinced this change...


What Ya Gonna Do About It?

We head into this week with the currency market stumbling after a shocking mo...


The Major Currencies and Our Favorite Cross

Here's a Friday overview of EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD and AUDNZD.


The BIG Change

There are things going on in markets right now that should make for some very...


Here Comes Our Friend Again!

AUDNZD has been old faithful when it comes to the trading and after booking p...

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Post Fed Reflections and Strategy

Here are some quick thoughts in the aftermath of this latest Fed decision.

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