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New to JKonFX?

What is JKonFX?

It is the personal website of Joel Kruger, a well-known Currency Analyst who became a Currency Trader in 2012. He has since expanded to include a small team that help support the website infrastructure, whilst he trades.

Can I have a free or trial account?

We do not offer free or trial accounts at this time.

Billing Help Topics

How can I pay for a membership?

You can pay using your credit, debit or pre-paid card on the membership joining page. We only accept Bitcoin and Paypal for yearly memberships.

Please read our Payment Methods for more information for our Bitcoin address.

Can I cancel my account?

You can cancel your JKonFX PRO account at any time. At the end of your billing period, we will automatically downgrade you to a 'Former PRO' membership and stop taking payments. You can easily cancel your account by visiting your membership details and click "Cancel My Account" then follow the steps. If you find that you miss the PRO membership perks, then you can easily upgrade to become a PRO member again. Here is a button that will take you straight to the cancellation page.

Cancel My Account

Why have two payments come out of my account?

If you decide to change your membership, we calculate the difference in price and only charge you the difference.

Communication Help Topics

I'm not receiving Emails

Make sure that you have entered your email address correctly. Manage your alerts. Ensure our domain name is white listed by your email provider.

Important note: Our Email provider will not allow us to send you any future emails if you block us. This can happen if you mark us as SPAM on your email client. If you do mark us as spam, we will send you a Telegram notification (if setup) to let you know there is an issue.

I am a PRO member and my emails aren't taking me to the posts when they are published

On mobile and tablet devices, email accounts often use the default web browser when clicking on a link within an email. You may use a non-default browser for day-to-day browsing which you always login with. You need to make sure that the browser your email account uses is logged into the website, then when you click a link it'll automatically take you to the correct page. It is recommended you change your default browser setting to the one that you use most commonly. A quick search on Google or another search engine should have examples on your operating system-specific requirements.