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The Way Things Move

Big things happen in markets, but they don't happen every day. As obvious as that sounds, it somehow fails to resonate with many.


Big Picture Technicals

A lot of the positions right now are bigger picture in nature. There could be...


What's BTCUSD?

Here's an important chart that's becoming increasingly relevant to global mar...


The Thing About the Euro

Here's so more color on this latest Euro move and where we stand into the new...


Is the Euro About to Crumble?

Finally some action in the world of FX. Now it will start to get interesting ...


Short-Term, Medium-Term

Here's a review of the latest trade and the outlook into this busy Thursday.

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Looking to Get My Hands on Yen and GOLD

Here's the overview into Wednesday as activity starts to pick up into the bus...


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Gold traded in US Dollar terms (XAU/USD) currency pair is often used as a traditional hedge against risk and inflation.  The commodity is tied to the Australian Dollar, South African rand and Canadian Dollar, given the fact that these three countries are large producers of the metal. For the most part, GOLD does well in market environments where there is increasing uncertainty, with investors looking to rotate into traditional hard asset.  Gold continues to make up a large part of central bank reserves globally.