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Update on GOLD

Here's the latest on price action in GOLD and how it related to out exposure.


Understanding the Current Market Environment

Trading has been exceptionally challenging over the past several months, but ...


A Fundamental Review

Heading into the weekend and wanted to give this broad stroke overview.


Worries the Come with RBNZ Cut

The latest RBNZ decision to cut rates has us thinking about a worrying messag...


Key Support and Resistance Levels

Looking at our positions and the important level to watch over the coming ses...

Read & Watch

Nice Pop Post Payrolls

We saw some US Dollar selling kick in after the US jobs report. Here's why.


Global Risk Dynamics and Portfolio Exposure

We're into Friday and signs have been there with markets mostly moving our wa...


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Gold traded in US Dollar terms (XAU/USD) currency pair is often used as a traditional hedge against risk and inflation.  The commodity is tied to the Australian Dollar, South African rand and Canadian Dollar, given the fact that these three countries are large producers of the metal. For the most part, GOLD does well in market environments where there is increasing uncertainty, with investors looking to rotate into traditional hard asset.  Gold continues to make up a large part of central bank reserves globally.