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Near Static

Markets have been moving but there hasn't been enough activity to do any major head turning just yet.


The Scary Dip that's Usually Followed by This

Gold has been one of the more interesting markets over the past several month...

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Away from FX Influence

A lot of what we're seeing out there right now in the currency market is abou...

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Post Holiday Weekend Charts

Back into a better groove on Tuesday as the US market returns from the long h...

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The One That Keeps on Giving

It may not be as exciting as some of the other markets out there, but it's ma...


All About Sweetness

Today's update is about the pleasure of a profitable start to the year and on...

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The Euro's Next Steps

Here's where the Euro could be headed if it decides to settle above 1.2100 in...


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Gold traded in US Dollar terms (XAU/USD) currency pair is often used as a traditional hedge against risk and inflation.  The commodity is tied to the Australian Dollar, South African rand and Canadian Dollar, given the fact that these three countries are large producers of the metal. For the most part, GOLD does well in market environments where there is increasing uncertainty, with investors looking to rotate into traditional hard asset.  Gold continues to make up a large part of central bank reserves globally.