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What We Need to See Now

Plenty of movement in recent weeks that has benefited the US Dollar greatly, but now, it looks like things could head the other way. Still, we're not there yet and


Trying to Catch GOLD for the Big One

I've been quite bullish GOLD overall and believe we are getting close to that...


USD Outlook Much Prettier Into May

The Dollar has not been a loved currency for quite some time, but is enjoying...

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The Next Trades

Here are some of the candidates for that next trade.


ECB Day Technicals

Many are wondering how much more the Dollar can run. The answer might come by...


Will USDJPY Drop Again?

More activity on the charts this week and there's lots to look at, including ...


The Latest Movement on the Charts

Markets are starting to move and here's where it looks like things are going.

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Gold traded in US Dollar terms (XAU/USD) currency pair is often used as a traditional hedge against risk and inflation.  The commodity is tied to the Australian Dollar, South African rand and Canadian Dollar, given the fact that these three countries are large producers of the metal. For the most part, GOLD does well in market environments where there is increasing uncertainty, with investors looking to rotate into traditional hard asset.  Gold continues to make up a large part of central bank reserves globally.