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That Metal Keeps on Dipping

Gold has been trading up and down over the past several months and we're seeing the market going through one of its down periods right now. 

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Door Open for another EURUSD Push

The Euro has extended its run of 2017 highs and is now focused on a retest of...


Euro Averts Anticipated Correction

The Euro has been on fire these past several days, with the market failing to...


Happy to Fade These Moves

Both the Euro and Pound are looking increasingly constructive but on a short ...

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Waiting for those Corrections

Both the Euro and Pound are trading off 2017 highs and look like they want to...

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Revisiting the EURCHF Chart

A lot of interesting things going on with the EURCHF chart right now. Take a ...


US Dollar Still Has Gas in the Tank

While we have seen big moves that suggest the start of a longer-term reversal...


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