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Come on Now!

March has been tough for us, but the current exposure is looking very nice in the aftermath of the Fed decision.


After the Fed

Market reaction post Fed has been good to the portfolio, but we still have ye...


Big Picture Overview

Here's a review of the fundamentals, along with an update of the currency exp...


Buying GOLD

Was frustrating to part ways with the equity exposure, but glad that the late...


GOLD Chart Important to Watch

I think it's worth revisiting the GOLD chart to see exactly where we're at fo...


Making the Case for Current Exposure

Here are some insights into price action in markets that are behind the ratio...


Big Risks, Big Markets

Activity should pick up in a big way into the latter half of the week. Here's...


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Gold traded in US Dollar terms (XAU/USD) currency pair is often used as a traditional hedge against risk and inflation.  The commodity is tied to the Australian Dollar, South African rand and Canadian Dollar, given the fact that these three countries are large producers of the metal. For the most part, GOLD does well in market environments where there is increasing uncertainty, with investors looking to rotate into traditional hard asset.  Gold continues to make up a large part of central bank reserves globally.