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Euro, Cable, Gold, US Equities

Here's a look at these major markets and some important things to know about what's been going on with the charts.


Reconciling the Fundamentals Behind the Latest Moves

Here's an overview of what's going on out there. Why we've seen a recovery in...


Markets Fill Out But All Quiet

We should be back into fuller trade post holidays and yet, the market hasn't ...


Why Friday's Jump in Stocks Will Be Sold

The stock market should once again roll over into this latest rally.


Into Holiday Conditions

Just a reminder that conditions will thin out between now and the second week...


Major FX, Stocks, Commodities

Here's a broad stroke overview of the major asset classes.


SPX500, Yen and Euro

Here's a look at the downside we could see in US equities and how this, along...


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