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Stock Market Pullback Has Lots More to Go

We believe we are only seeing the initial stages of a pullback in the US equity market that could easily result in a 30% drop.


Euro, Pound, Stocks and Gold

A closer look at the exposure on the books and at these other major assets.


A Techno-Fundamental Look at US Equities

Thought it would be a good idea to break down this chart with some fundamenta...

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Lots of Sizzle but No Pop Just Yet

Things are definitely getting interesting but we need to see those major curr...


Waiting for the Follow Through

Euro setbacks held up where the needed to and now the market needs to get bac...

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Strength from Weakness

The Pound pulled back on Wednesday but if it can hold up again and push back ...

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One More Push

Been long the Euro and looking for the currency to really break out in the da...


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