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Dollar Continues to Lose its Grip

Earlier this year, the Dollar was weak and looked like it could really fall off....before everything changed. But after several months of the Dollar being in control, it looks like

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Big Charts and Big Positions

Going through EURUSD and US equities and then getting into our positions.


A Tale of Three Asset Classes

Two major asset classes are showing distress, while the other is carefree. Wh...


Picking Spots and Taking Shots

We're now at another record high in the US stock market and yet, it just does...


A Big Picture Overview and a Chart it's Time to Revisit

I'm off the desk on Friday so I thought I would get into big picture, look at...

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Strange Price Action

Here's an interesting correlation break that I've noticed in the market over ...


Friday Review

Some important markets and a review of current positions.


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