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Charts Warning of Reversal Ahead

When you look at a lot of the major FX markets, there has been a clear trend of the US Dollar getting hit hard. At the same time, given the

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Tuesday Watchlist

There are rumblings out there but nothing breaking through just yet. Here's w...

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Euro Chart Most Important Right Now

The markets are in a holding pattern and we need to use EURUSD as the proxy f...


Sticking with Kiwi Shorts But...

I have short Kiwi exposure that's net in the money but has yet to get going. 

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That Metal Keeps on Dipping

Gold has been trading up and down over the past several months and we're seei...

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Will USDCAD be the Next Trade?

Of all the markets in the major basket we watch, USDCAD is the most extended ...


Change is Happening

We've been waiting for that catalyst to get volatility going and I believe we...


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