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Possible Insight from Commodity FX

The markets aren't doing all that much just yet this week. In the interim, here are some thoughts that could be relevant.

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A Different Look

It's always good to look at the different time frames when analyzing markets.


US Dollar Trying to Recover

Early price action this week has the Buck on the rebound. Let's see if it hol...

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Noise Versus Substance

Caution is always required when trading markets. At the same time, we need to...


Kiwi Profit Booked

Quiet start to the week but we were able to book a nice profit on our Kiwi sh...

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Weekly Charts Sending Important Message

The US Dollar recovered last Friday and the recovery resulted in some interes...


How Much More Will the Euro Run?

It's been an amazing run for the Euro, but is there any sense that the market...

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