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Parting Ways

While the correlations were never completely aligned, the type of divergence between the major currencies and commodity bloc FX in April is something that should have many turning heads. 


The Purest form of Fundamentals

It isn't always easy to get a good handle on the market when you sometimes lo...

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Why Commodity FX was Bid While the Euro and Pound Held Up

Weird price action out there right now. Here's some insight that might help t...


USDJPY Up But Happy to Sell

This rally in USDJPY has many talking about a big move ahead, but I'm not con...


Fed Day Techs

Here's a look at the major markets on Fed day. 


Kiwi Close to Top

This run in the New Zealand Dollar has been impressive but should start to st...


A Little More Room for USD Weakness

While I contend the US Dollar will soon see another push higher, there is sti...

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