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Pound Headed Here...Maybe

Tuesday's GBPUSD drop now sets up the possibility for another downside extension into this area.


Running Through the Trades

Here's a quick overview of the trades and what else we should be paying atten...


Bring on the Bumps

Sometimes a position won't go the way we want and it will sting. The trick is...


The Anatomy of the New Zealand Dollar

We've been doing a lot of New Zealand Dollar trading. Here's a closer look at...

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Bravo Fed

At long last, the Fed has come out with a refreshing decision that finally de...

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Important Perspective on EURUSD Outlook

We're in a tricky spot with the Euro right now and you need to have a complet...


If Ever There Were A Dip to Buy

The Pound is suffering post UK election and could still see more weakness. Bu...

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