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Still Waiting on Those Two Markets

Not a lot going on Tuesday, but the good news is both EURGBP and AUDNZD are still looking to set up.


Sterling-Cad and Sterling-Kiwi

Quite a month of April with the major currencies parting ways with the commod...


Parting Ways

While the correlations were never completely aligned, the type of divergence ...


Chart Focus for Tuesday

I'm only interested in these two charts at the moment.

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A Little Less Golden

On Tuesday, I exited my long GOLD position for a tiny profit. Here's why...


Inside Price Action

Price action is showing the market building to its next major move, so best t...

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USDJPY Testing Key 78.6% Fib

The USDJPY rally has continued into the mid-week with the major pair now trad...


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