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Noise Versus Substance

Caution is always required when trading markets. At the same time, we need to be able to react quickly and filter out the noise. 


One More Pounding

As much as I now see significant medium and longer term upside in the Pound, ...


Another Big Drop for the Pound?

Although most of recent price action in the Pound has been sideways, it looks...


Techs Showing Stress

Looking at some of the risk correlated markets, it's clear we are starting to...

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Look At All These Stretched Markets!

Thanks to the JKonFX dashboards, we get a really good picture of what markets...


Extended Markets

Here are some markets that are now technically extended on the daily charts. 

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Ok...So That Just Happened!

What a monumental collapse in the Pound! No trades just yet but here's an upd...


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