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Short-Term, Medium-Term

Here's a review of the latest trade and the outlook into this busy Thursday.

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About Fully Priced Risk

A lot of good trading is about trying to determine how right the market is ab...

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Why Aussie is Outperforming

The Australian Dollar has been turning a lot of heads lately and we have been...

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Cable Really Just Confined to Range...For Now

Despite the latest breakdown in GBPUSD, the market hasn't really gone anywher...


Hav You Seen GBPAUD Today?

Just an incredible move lower in GBPAUD on Thursday and I am going to take a ...


Why $1200 is My Dream Level to Buy GOLD

I'm looking to build into a long GOLD position and have isolated $1200 as the...

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Bought Sterling-Aussie: Here are the Techno-Fundamentals

A little departure from the normal technical overview. Today, I dig deeper an...


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