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Breaking the Euro Down on the Charts

Today's analysis is all about the Euro and an opportunity that might present in the sessions ahead. Here's a look from the charts.


ECB Sets Up Possible Buy on Dip

The dovish ECB decision has opened a bearish reversal day in the Euro that co...


Side by Side

When you look at these two charts, the look completely correlated and yet, th...

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The Purest form of Fundamentals

It isn't always easy to get a good handle on the market when you sometimes lo...

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Why Commodity FX was Bid While the Euro and Pound Held Up

Weird price action out there right now. Here's some insight that might help t...


USDJPY Up But Happy to Sell

This rally in USDJPY has many talking about a big move ahead, but I'm not con...


AUDNZD Trying to Build Momentum

Our long AUDNZD is starting to run but needs one more push to really get goin...

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