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The Trade that Defied Gravity

Another risk fire has been put out and the stock market isn't going to waste any time taking advantage of the amazing (not really) news!

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Sunday Fun on French Election Day

Hoping you're enjoying your Sunday. Thought I'd have some fun and put this ou...


Have You Seen EURJPY?

The EURJPY daily chart is the most extended of any major pair or cross right ...


Euro Tipping Over

The latest bearish close suggests the Euro could soon retest its 14 year low ...

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What to Make of the Euro Rally

The latest jump in the Euro has been most impressive, but I don't think it ch...


The High Flying Euro

The Euro is on fire, with the market exploding through key resistance. What's...


Motion Sickness

Hope everyone is having fun out there this week. The price action has been no...

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The Euro cross with the Japanese Yen (EUR/JPY) currency pair is often used when traders are looking to play a major currency against a lower yielding funding currency. Market environments that are heavily sensitive to global sentiment will generally translate into a good amount of volatility for this pair. When sentiment is strong, it generally correlates with a higher rate, while deteriorating sentiment will have a weighing influence.

The Eurozone economy is the largest in the world amongst the developed markets and second largest in the world behind China. Meanwhile, the Japanese economy has been historically viewed as a safe haven economy, mostly because of its traditional low yield that acts as an incentive for investors to borrow Yen at very low rates and invest in traditionally higher yielding currencies to benefit from the attractive yield differential and a stable play into a highly liquid currency like the Euro. So if you’re looking to make a currency play that is tied to the direction in risk, but you're also looking for something a little less volatile than other Yen cross plays with wider yield differentials, the EURJPY cross rate could be the way to go.