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Two Important Charts to Watch on Tuesday

Here are some major markets worth keeping an eye on over the coming hours.

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Why USDJPY Still Has Another Big Drop Ahead

USDJPY has rallied after failing to break below 110.00 in the previous week. ...


Profit Booked, Moving Forward

All of our FX positions have been squared away with a nice profit booked on t...


Charts Getting Super Interesting

A lot going on with the charts right now. Here's an overview and some strateg...

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Why I'm Looking to Sell EURUSD Today

A nice move for the Euro over the past several days and we could be seeing th...

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Aussie Short Underwater

The Aussie short set up on Wednesday but the market has since kept on trucking. 

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Chart to Watch on Tuesday

I don't expect much volatility today but here's one exception where there cou...

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The Euro cross with the Great Brtish Pound (EUR/GBP) currency pair is a popular exchange rate as it is a cross between the two largest economies in Europe. The Eurozone and United Kingdom are both highly sophisticated and diversified economies and there is a lot of trade between the two economies. Historically, this is a rate that has been more stable than other Euro or Sterling crosses given the relationship between the two economies, although the UK's vote to exit the EU in 2016 could make this more volatile going forward.