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Never A Straight Line

If you're going to take positions with longer term horizons, you need to be able to understand that things take time to move and they won't always be moving in

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Pound to Run Strong...Even Against Euro

I have talked about my expectation for GBP outperformance, which extends acro...


Trying to Catch GOLD for the Big One

I've been quite bullish GOLD overall and believe we are getting close to that...


Insights from EURGBP

EURGBP has been a decent mover in the early week and the chart is giving us a...

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Another Idea that Could Set Up Soon

I've already pitched a couple of possible trades in the pipeline. While we're...


A Sterling Day for the Pound

A really nice day for the Pound, with the UK currency rocketing higher.


What's the Holdup with EURGBP?

I've been talking about selling EURGBP for several days but haven't yet. Here...

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The Euro cross with the Great Brtish Pound (EUR/GBP) currency pair is a popular exchange rate as it is a cross between the two largest economies in Europe. The Eurozone and United Kingdom are both highly sophisticated and diversified economies and there is a lot of trade between the two economies. Historically, this is a rate that has been more stable than other Euro or Sterling crosses given the relationship between the two economies, although the UK's vote to exit the EU in 2016 could make this more volatile going forward.