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Waiting to Pounce

A lot of sitting back and waiting for things to happen this week that didn't quite materialize. But no worries, there's some great stuff coming around the corner. 


Canadian Dollar Jumps on the Radar

It's been a quiet week thus far, though things look to be picking up for the ...

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Still Waiting on Those Two Markets

Not a lot going on Tuesday, but the good news is both EURGBP and AUDNZD are s...


Let's See if We Can Get Back into These Two

Two markets that I love trading but was forced to exit the other week are onc...

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Weekly Open Technicals

Nothing jumping out just yet but here's what you need to know.


Important EURUSD Perspective

Now that the Euro has been making this move, it's important to take another s...

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Euro Averts Anticipated Correction

The Euro has been on fire these past several days, with the market failing to...


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The Euro cross with the Great Brtish Pound (EUR/GBP) currency pair is a popular exchange rate as it is a cross between the two largest economies in Europe. The Eurozone and United Kingdom are both highly sophisticated and diversified economies and there is a lot of trade between the two economies. Historically, this is a rate that has been more stable than other Euro or Sterling crosses given the relationship between the two economies, although the UK's vote to exit the EU in 2016 could make this more volatile going forward.