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EURCHF Short in Play

We've taken a short position on the EURCHF cross after highlighting this possibility in the Wednesday update.


An Interesting Cross Rate to Consider

We haven't looked at this one in a while, but there could be an opportunity h...

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Why Watch the Swiss Franc?

All of this action in the major pairs and other leading asset classes. So why...

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Strange Price Action

Here's an interesting correlation break that I've noticed in the market over ...


Markets that Stand Out Right Now

Here's a look at out current position and two other markets that could invite...


Help from the Cross

Despite being short US Dollars, the continued run in the Buck, didn't prove t...


EURCHF Still Looks Sweet

EURCHF is the most extended market out there and I'd like to take another sho...


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The Euro cross with Swiss Franc (EURCHF) currency pair is most active during the London trading session. Volatility and news with any of the European countries can lead to price fluctuations. The Swiss Franc is a safe haven currency, so any bad EURCHF news (and analysis forecasts) can make investors wary.

The interactive live EURCHF chart below shows the current price action. The recent EURCHF analysis can be found below the chart.