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Door Open for another EURUSD Push

The Euro has extended its run of 2017 highs and is now focused on a retest of the August 2016 peak.


Revisiting the EURCHF Chart

A lot of interesting things going on with the EURCHF chart right now. Take a ...


Still May Get That Chance with GOLD

Two attempts to buy GOLD last week and two exits at cost. The market remains ...

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The Trade that Defied Gravity

Another risk fire has been put out and the stock market isn't going to waste ...

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An Exchange Rate Not to Be Forgotton

It's been a while since January 2015 and deep wounds from that ugly month hav...

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Clearing Things Up

Weird things going on in the world of stocks but perhaps we are finally getti...


Waiting for the Next One

It's been about a week since I last traded and FX position and I'd love to ge...


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The Euro cross with Swiss Franc (EURCHF) currency pair is most active during the London trading session. Volatility and news with any of the European countries can lead to price fluctuations. The Swiss Franc is a safe haven currency, so any bad EURCHF news (and analysis forecasts) can make investors wary.

The interactive live EURCHF chart below shows the current price action. The recent EURCHF analysis can be found below the chart.