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EURCHF Doing its Own Thing

Whenever EURCHF is moving, it's worth paying attention to, because there's probably something deeper going on.


How Much More Will the Euro Run?

It's been an amazing run for the Euro, but is there any sense that the market...

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Just an Inside Day

While the Euro did stall out on Tuesday and is overdue for a healthy pullback...


The Wall that is EURCHF

This move up in EURCHF has been wild and not entirely unexpected. But even st...

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Month End Techs

Getting ready to close out the month. Here's a look at what's going on. 


Even if the Bank of Canada Hikes....

We're coming off a wild Tuesday session and heading into what could be a much...


AUDNZD on the Move and Doing Good Things

Really nice to see this big AUDNZD jump on Tuesday.


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The Euro cross with Swiss Franc (EURCHF) currency pair is most active during the London trading session. Volatility and news with any of the European countries can lead to price fluctuations. The Swiss Franc is a safe haven currency, so any bad EURCHF news (and analysis forecasts) can make investors wary.

The interactive live EURCHF chart below shows the current price action. The recent EURCHF analysis can be found below the chart.