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Back to Aussie

As you know, I've been a fan of buying EURAUD in recent weeks, and after getting sidetracked this past Thursday, my focus is on this market again. 


A Different Euro-Commodity Currency Cross

I was looking to buy EURAUD on Thursday and we got this one instead. 


Stop Staring at the Screen

Hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. It's an amazing time of yea...


Nothing Like the Quick In and Outs

It's not always as easy as it was on Thursday, but if you show discipline and...


EURCAD Could Be An Interesting Play

Just running through all my positions and highlighting a chart that could soo...

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Trade Review

A quick overview of current positions into Wednesday trade. 


Lighter Side of Technicals

In today's video, I have some fun and take us through the emotions of an exha...

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The Euro cross with the Canadian Dollar (EUR/CAD) currency pair is always an exciting pair to trade. More often than not this exchange rate is used when market participants are looking to trade a market tied to risk, without the US Dollar variable and without needing to be exposed to too much risk through emerging markets. In short, this is a market used to play the risk trade within the developed currency basket and perhaps in a less volatile way than playing the Euro against the Australian or New Zealand Dollar, which are more exposed to China.

While the Eurozone economy is the largest in the world amongst the developed markets and second largest in the world behind China, the Canadian economy is considerably smaller though still quite sophisticated. As far as the Canadian economy goes, it is mainly driven off exports of OIL and vehicles. So if you’re looking to make a play on risk but don't want too much volatility and don't want to be exposed to the US or China directly, and perhaps have a view on OIL, the EURCAD pair could be the way to go.