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EURAUD Getting Attention

I like the idea of this rate much higher and will be happy to take a shot if it comes my way.

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More About the Cable Play

Here's a little more color on our GBPUSD long position.

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Previous Resistance Turned Support

The Euro decline has been intense, though we are finally into a critical area.


Markets that Stand Out Right Now

Here's a look at out current position and two other markets that could invite...


Charts Show Big Lag in Commodity FX

We have been seeing a breakaway in FX, where the major currencies are perform...

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Dissecting the Euro...Again

It's a bit of a game here with the Euro right now and we just have to sit bac...

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The Bigger H&S Top Prospect

So not much going on into Monday, though the Euro could still be looking for ...


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The Euro cross with the Australian Dollar (EUR/AUD) currency pair is always an exciting pair to trade. More often than not this exchange rate is used when market participants are looking to trade a market tied to risk, without the US Dollar variable and without needing to be exposed to too much risk through emerging markets. In short, this is a market used to play the risk trade within the developed currency basket. 

While the Eurozone economy is the largest in the world amongst the developed markets and second largest in the world behind China, the Australian economy is seen as an economy more inclined to move with the ties of risk sentiment. As far as the Australian economy goes, it is focused on commodities as reflected through its shipping of energy products and ferrous metals  mining. The Australian economy is also heavily correlated to the Chinese economy which is more closed off to global investors, which often makes EURAUD an attractive play as a proxy for a play on China relative to the Eurozone. So if you’re looking to make a play on risk, if you're looking to make a play involving Europe and commodities or if you're looking to make a play on China, the EURAUD pair could be the way to go.