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The Next Bubble

Who knows when the stock market tops out, but here's some thoughts on what that trigger might be.

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An RSI Reading Like Never Before

This is not a market most of you will be trading but it is a market that need...


Bitcoin Getting Ready for Another Spectacular Decline

Bitcoin continues to move to record highs at an astonishing pace. But that do...

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Here We Go Again

Since our last update, a lot has been happening, but our core view is still t...

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Rougher Waters Ahead

Bitcoin has been on fire and everything looks fantastic. But things aren't al...

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Bitcoin - A Numbers Game

Bitcoin is on the move again and racing to the moon. Where is the cryptocurre...

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Bitcoin Price Blows Up Again

There was a super impressive surge in the cryptocurrency market. 

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The Bitcoin cross with the US Dollar (BTC/USD) currency pair is the newest and freshest option out there for currency traders looking to make a play on the direction in markets going forward. Interestingly, given the anonymity awarded through trading the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has been a major breakthrough for transacting business globally. 

Moreover, with inflation coming off record lows and now likely to tick up, and with stocks overextended and likely on the verge of correction in a world where emergency monetary policy is no longer there to support financial markets, investors are also flocking to viable alternatives and Bitcoin is certainly a solid contender to benefit from this flow.