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Double Dipping

We had some good fortune with the timing of the latest trades and those same trades may reward us with another great opportunity.


The Market that Never Sleeps

All has been quiet out there over the holidays, so long as we're not talking ...

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Surprise, Surprise

Here's a crazy idea I proposed a while back that all of a sudden, may not sou...

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Revisiting a Fascinating Chart

Here's another look at a chart that is getting a lot of attention out there....

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We're on Our Way

Things are looking up for the portfolio into the new week. Here are the thoug...


Lessons about Towers

What started as coverage of a new and exciting space many years back, has now...


What's BTCUSD?

Here's an important chart that's becoming increasingly relevant to global mar...


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The Bitcoin cross with the US Dollar (BTC/USD) currency pair is the newest and freshest option out there for currency traders looking to make a play on the direction in markets going forward. Interestingly, given the anonymity awarded through trading the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has been a major breakthrough for transacting business globally. 

Moreover, with inflation coming off record lows and now likely to tick up, and with stocks overextended and likely on the verge of correction in a world where emergency monetary policy is no longer there to support financial markets, investors are also flocking to viable alternatives and Bitcoin is certainly a solid contender to benefit from this flow.