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Insights from Aussie and Kiwi

Looking at the commodity currencies today and reflecting on the price action there as it relates to our portfolio exposure.


The Case Against the US Dollar

Here's a look at the broader market price action in the US Dollar pairs and w...


Revisiting these Commodity Currencies

In today's update, we take a look at how price action on the periphery might ...


When the Trade is Thin

Some insights from the charts relating to thin price action and holiday trade...


Messages from the Australian Dollar

The price action and relative weakness in the Australian Dollar should not go...


Looking at the Weekly Charts

Here's a look at the weekly charts across these major currency pairs.


Four Extended Charts

These four charts are extended and could soon give us a nice trade.

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The Australian Dollar cross with the US Dollar (AUD/USD) currency pair is one of the most active currency pairs out there, falling just short of the traditional major currency pairs like EURUSD, USDJPY, and GBPUSD. This pair is used when traders are looking to take positions based on value in commodities prices or on their expectation of the state of global sentiment.

While the US economy is viewed as the largest and most sophisticated and stable economy in the world, the Australian economy is seen as an economy more inclined to move with the ties of risk sentiment. As far as the Australian economy goes, it is focused on shipping energy products and ferrous metals. The Australian economy is also heavily correlated to the Chinese economy which is more closed off to global investors, which often makes AUDUSD an attractive play as a proxy for a play on China relative to the US. So if you’re looking to make a play on risk, if you're looking to make a play in commodities or if you're looking to make a play on China, the AUDUSD pair could be the way to go.