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Remember Our Friend AUDNZD?

It's been a while, but AUDNZD is doing some things that could have us dipping back in...


What We Need to See Now

Plenty of movement in recent weeks that has benefited the US Dollar greatly, ...


What Happened to GOLD?

Intense drop in the price of GOLD on Friday but I'm not convinced this change...


The Major Currencies and Our Favorite Cross

Here's a Friday overview of EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD and AUDNZD.


Here Comes Our Friend Again!

AUDNZD has been old faithful when it comes to the trading and after booking p...

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Look Who Might Be Coming for Another Visit

This market hasn't let us down over the years and could once again give us so...


Euro Starting to Think About Next Big Bottom

Euro setbacks have been intense, though they have been intense on a shorter t...


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The Australian Dollar cross with the New Zealand Dollar (AUD/NZD) currency pair is often used when traders are looking to eliminate external fundamentals associated with both risk correlated currencies, so that they can isolate developments on the domestic fronts and progress within the respective economies.

Both the Australia and New Zealand economies are heavily reliant on exports. Australia is focused on shipping energy products and ferrous metals, while the New Zealand economy is driven off exports of wool, meat and dairy. So if you’re looking to eliminate risk associated with the broader global economy and just want to trade the two economies against one another, the AUDNZD cross rate is the way to go.