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Looking Great Despite Flash Crash

We did get through the flash crash entirely unscathed, though it set up a fabulous play and positions us well in early 2019.


Into Holiday Conditions

Just a reminder that conditions will thin out between now and the second week...


Monday Position Overview

Here's a look at the latest on the positions, along with some analysis of EUR...


Friday Position Review

Looking at the current exposure as we head into the weekend.



Here's the latest on our OIL and AUDNZD positions.


One Two Punch

Looking at the positions and going through both the technicals and fundamenta...


Sweet Time

We're looking at a bit of a slow go for some of these positions, though to be...

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The Australian Dollar cross with the New Zealand Dollar (AUD/NZD) currency pair is often used when traders are looking to eliminate external fundamentals associated with both risk correlated currencies, so that they can isolate developments on the domestic fronts and progress within the respective economies.

Both the Australia and New Zealand economies are heavily reliant on exports. Australia is focused on shipping energy products and ferrous metals, while the New Zealand economy is driven off exports of wool, meat and dairy. So if you’re looking to eliminate risk associated with the broader global economy and just want to trade the two economies against one another, the AUDNZD cross rate is the way to go.