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Look At All These Stretched Markets!

Thanks to the JKonFX dashboards, we get a really good picture of what markets are truly extended at the moment. 


A Closer Look at AUDCAD

I'm looking forward to that next trade but nothing as of yet. AUDCAD is getti...


AUDNZD Taking Form

Nice to see our long AUDNZD position starting to show on the medium-term chart.


Commodity FX More Interesting

The major pairs have been volatile but aren't really showing the same opportu...


Commodity Cross Price Action

Some interesting price action on the commodity crosses could be setting up co...


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The Australian Dollar cross with the Canadian Dollar (AUD/CAD) currency pair is often used when traders are looking to eliminate external fundamentals associated with both risk correlated currencies, so that they can isolate developments on the domestic fronts and progress within the respective economies.

Both the Australia and Canada economies are commodity rich economies which means they are correlated to direction in commodities prices. Australia is focused on shipping energy products and ferrous metals, while the Canadian economy is driven off exports of OIL and vehicles. So if you’re looking to eliminate risk associated with the broader global economy and just want to make a play on metals versus OIL, the AUDCAD cross rate could be the way to go.