Scotland Decides - A once in a lifetime referendum that will disrupt the world

With just one day to go, the Scottish independence referendum is coming down to the wire with a current 52% leading vote for "No" and 48% "Yes".

If the final vote is a yes, it could cause many issues for the British Pound, UK businesses and the laws within the country. There is a tremendous amount at stake here so you should expect a high amount of volatility during this time.

Scottish Independence

The ballot will be closing at 22:00 BST on 18 September. 32 different local authority regions announcing their results at different times so there will be a lot of volatility with the GBP pairs. The confirmed verdict will be at approximately 07:00 BST on 19 September.

Make sure you recap on the recent FX analysis "why I bet no" and it's impact. A Market Mover report will be coming on the verdict day too.

You can stay up to date with all of the latest information by visiting the BBC's dedicated Scotland decides page.

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