Open Letter: Our Vision For JKonFX

It’s been just about five years since we launched JKonFX (Joel Kruger on Forex eXchange) and it’s gone from strength-to-strength. We are delighted to have healthy client representation of trader types, which is a testament to the value of Joel’s strategy and insights.

Want to see what JKonFX looked like back in September 2012?

JKonFX in 2012

Source: Wayback Machine archive.

We are very excited to get things going in 2017 and we wanted to take the time to share the JKonFX vision with you. While it’s clear the main draw to our service is Joel’s daily analysis and updates, there is also a lot more going on at JKonFX. So in an effort to lay it all out, we’ve included the roadmap below that highlights all of our existing offerings, what we’re currently working on and what the plans are for the future.

Our pipeline for 2017 features the integration of a highly requested trade copy service, dashboard enhancements, the addition of price and indicator alerts, and an upgrade of our Trade Journal to the latest technology from Oanda, our partner broker. 

We won’t include a list of bug fixes or simple user interface improvements, because they generally happen on a weekly basis.

If you have any suggestions on how you would like JKonFX to be improved for your benefit and the benefit of other JKonFX clients, please get in touch ( We have already made many improvements that members have suggested so far and look forward to making many more.


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