Introducing Trade Journal PushOver Notifications

Earlier this year we started exploring new ways to provide you with JKonFX trade updates.

Here is some important information for our reasoning.

Short Message Service

Text messaging (SMS) is built on old telephone technology that is extremely expensive and unreliable for sending messages with priority. Telecom providers act as a gatekeeper to help protect your phone from [most] spam.

However, the algorithms can cause holding delays and misclassification of messaging as spam. You can call your SMS provider if you do run into issues, but they are not able to whitelist our number. SMS also requires a phone signal, which is no good if you’re living in remote parts of a country or high residential blocks.


Emails work on a similar concept to SMS, but they use a different network. Spam is still an issue, but you can at least whitelist our emails. Emails are slightly delayed because the emails need to be created from a template, passed to our email provider, then routed through the network [and hope] it doesn’t get caught in your spam folder.

Not all devices have a “Do Not Disturb” either. Being woken up at 01:00 with a trade notification probably isn’t the best way to start your day.

What if there was a better way..?

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you will most likely receive push notifications every day. They are the popups that appear when an app wants your attention. The app is pre-authorised because you’ve installed it on your mobile or tablet and you your unique key to the person who you want to receive information from. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

We’ve now integrated, which does just what we all need. Here are some great benefits:

  1. Receiving notifications is almost instant
  2. Notifications are reliable
  3. You don’t have to worry about spam
  4. Encryption-enabled for privacy buffs
  5. Set your “Quiet Hours”, so you’re not disturbed while sleeping

Simply download the PushOver app for your device and sign up for PushOver within the app. It currently supports iPhones & iPads, Android Phones and Desktops.

You receive a 7-day free trial and then you can choose to continue using PushOver for a one off price of $4.99 per device.

Once you have your PushOver key, add it to your JKonFX Alerts and make sure the box is ticked. We recommend turning off SMS notifications when you have PushOver notifications enabled.

We’re not affiliated with PushOver. We simply love using their fantastic, tried and tested notification system.

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