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Open Letter: Our Vision For JKonFX

We're now looking forward to 2017. We want to share our plans with you and how to get involved.


Introducing Trade Journal PushOver Notifications

PushOver is a great third party app that allows you to receive instant notifications. We have integrated PushOver because it has many advantages over SMS and Email.


October Updates: Trade Journal, Emails & Analysis

October has been very kind to the JKonFX portal. We have made a lot of updates to help PRO members.


Trading Heroes - Hugh

Trading Heroes: Talking with Hugh Kimura about Myths, Lifestyle & Simplicity

The Trading Lifestyle podcast brought to you by In this interview, Hugh Kimura sits down with Joel.

[Joel's] path to professional trading is one that some of you can probably relate to. He initially went down the more traditional path of going to law...


Trade Journal Transaction

Auto-messaging, Data Feeds & Local Time Zone Updates

Our core value has always been to provide a currency analyst’s strategic view of fundamental drivers impacting currency markets and technical developments influencing price action. We have some great news! We are pleased to introduce automated email and text message alerts for the JKonFX Trade Journal.


Live Forex News Introduction

Keeping Fresh With Live Forex News

Digesting economic news can be tough, especially with all of the different sources available. But over the past several years, something amazing has happened on this front. We have seen the rise of Twitter. Stories have broken on Twitter before it's even reached the news desks of publications. In 2013,...


@ChatWithTraders Interview Joel Kruger

ChatWithTraders Interview: Be More Selective With Your Trading To Become Profitable

Aaron: Traders, what's going on? I hope you've been having an awesome week. This episode is actually a first for Chat with Traders because I'm telling you I've actually run out of fingers and toes to count the number of emails I've received in the past month or...


Harley Therapy Logo

10 Ways To Reduce Your Trading Stress: An Interview with Senior Therapist Dr. Sheri Jacobson

As traders in a 24-hour market, we are certainly forced to contend with a good amount of stress. Many times, this stress is intensified through periods of losing streaks and rough patches. But in the end, it’s the coping mechanisms used to handle this stress that ultimately determine our ability to find a healthy and profitable path.


Swiss Franc & Euro

Swiss Franc & Euro Turbulent News - The New Crisis for 2015

The start of 2015 brings nothing short of turbulence. The president of the Swiss National Bank announced that it's going to end the relationship between the cap with the euro. It's one hell of a policy u-turn which is causing chaos.


Currency Correlation Pairs

How To Prevent A Double Exposure Trap: Currency Correlation Pairs

You've just entered a trade, you soon realise you're winning and there is another trade opportunity coming up that looks quite similar. Ask yourself, is it too good to be true?