Bitcoin Fundamental Analysis

Rougher Waters Ahead

Bitcoin has been on fire and everything looks fantastic. But things aren't always what they seem...

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Bitcoin Price Surge 2017

Bitcoin Price Blows Up Again

There was a super impressive surge in the cryptocurrency market. 

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Bitcoin Turning Heads

Many have forgotten about the crypto currency world but Bitcoin has been making moves and you should be paying attention.

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Bitcoin is a highly volatile currency that became Open Source in 2009. It is considered to be the original crypto-currency, which has lead to over 600 new digital currencies being created. During 2013, Bitcoin (BTC/USD) spiked to $1,200 per coin, before rapidly retracing 80%.

The underlying technology used to record the transactions is known as Blockchain. It has spurred innovations in many industries, as well as putting pressure on banks to improve their own internal ledgers.

The strongest factor of Bitcoin is that it is not regulated by a central bank. This is a large risk to any country, because it cannot control the flow of money. The biggest risk to Bitcoin is from countries banning the crypto-currency. Bitcoin's fundamental analysis is heavily swayed with geopolitical risk and whenever a country bans the currency, it causes large price fluctuations.

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