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Forex Daily Analysis 23rd March 2017

Joel Kruger

I'm Joel Kruger

I started working in currency research and strategy back in 2003. Now I've switched to trading full-time and I'm helping others do it too.

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I have 15 years markets experience in various capacities ranging from research analyst to hedge fund trader. I have known Joel for more than 10 years and can proudly say he is a trusted adviser and friend. Joel's take on the market is always interesting, insightful and most importantly, useful and actionable.

In today's world it is easy to get inundated with useless market information. Joel doesn't waste time and understands what is important and presents it in an easy to read, useful and often times entertaining way. Any serious trader should benefit from his insights.

Kristian Kerr at DailyFX

Kristian Kerr

Senior Market Strategist for

I have followed Joel for quite a few years now and his calls and outlook on the market are to be respected. We chat on a regular basis and he sees opportunities other people simply don't see. If you get the chance to get to know Joel and his approach to markets, you won't be disappointed.

I am a seasoned currency trader and don't have time for lengthy, academic market neutral analysis. I have an added appreciation for the way Joel gets right to the point with his compelling insights and trade ideas.

Richard Campbell - Head of Trading

Richard Campbell

Head of Trading, SHARPE+SIGNA LLC